How to Become a Successful Blogger? (7 Must Required Qualities)

become a successful blogger

Blogging is the preaching of 21st century. That is why everyone wants to become a successful blogger to preach successfully.

Blogging is the best way to send the ideas of your mind to your followers and to the new ones going to be your follower.

If you have ideas and want to share your thoughts to a group of people, you need to start blogging.

Let me tell you clearly, blogging is not for everyone.

With the above statement, I mean to say that everyone can start blogging but cannot get success. Only those can get success who has the qualities required to become a successful blogger.

Now, what are the qualities required to become a successful blogger?

There are many qualities required to become a successful blogger. Out of those qualities, I have selected 7 must require qualities.

What are these qualities?

These qualities are as mentioned below

  1. Patience
  2. Consistency
  3. Discipline
  4. Ethics
  5. Determination
  6. Trust
  7. Laser Focus


Patience… Why patience is considered as a quality required to become a successful blogger?

It is a quality that is required not only for blogging but for any action, any work you do.

Why patience is needed?

Many a new blogger thinks that blogging is an easy & quick method of earning money, that’s why they start blogging.

Yes, it is, but not in the beginning of it. It earns money quickly after the success not in the beginning.

In the starting days, you only have to wait for your first sale that is too not less than 3 months’ time. So, you only have to have patience in your starting days.

Just think about your childhood, it took around 1 year to walk. Then another 3 years to talk, still, by this time you are not talking clearly just random talk.

Another 10 years consumed for talking sense. So, it took around 14 years for you to be witty and you think your blog will boom on the very first day. That’s impossible and just nonsense you are thinking.

Take some time and have patience, you must succeed like you walked, you talked and became wise.

So, the patience is the key to success. But, having patience and not doing anything will never make you successful.

To become successful, you must have to do your task and that is too consistently without any fail.

So, our next quality, yes, you got it right, it’s consistency.


What is consistency? How can you decide to be consistent?

Well, consistency is a quality of doing a task on the time scheduled without any fail. It means, being punctual to your work and honest to your schedule.

The very first thing to keep in your mind, here I am talking about consistency not about frequency. I am talking about updating your content on the task scheduled whatever you have decided, not about how frequently you are posting.

A story from my childhood.

When I was a kid, there were two hawkers who frequently visit our village to sell their products. They used to sell products like, sugar candies, cotton candies, everything that a kid likes.

I don’t know their name, let’s give them a name A and B.

So, Both A and B were usually visiting my village, and their appearance always made on our faces. The reason is simple, they came means we are going to get something interesting and something which we like.

A has a fix day of his visit in the week, he always used to come on Wednesday. While B has no fix day. He might appear any day of the week, sometimes he used to skip 2 to 3 weeks. In short B was very irregular while A was punctual.

By the time passed, we got emotionally connected with A, while had no interest in the visit of B.

A was not giving anything for free but we always runs behind him whenever he came.

Have you got my point from the story?

Well, had B done anything wrong with us? No. Not at all. But we always prefer A. The reason is simple, we knew the day and time of the visit of A while we were very uncertain about B. That is the only reason we prefer A.

Same happens in blogging also. If you are regular and consistent, your audience will remain engaged. If you skipped updating your old and posting new content, you will be out of the box.

So, never skip your schedule and follow it religiously and diligently.

Keep Peddling, Keep Rising.

I just want to add one more line before moving to the next pointer.

Blogging is like riding a bicycle on an inclined plane. To go up you have to keep peddling. You skipped peddling, you will start dropping down and down and down.


A very old proverb on discipline-


If you want success then have to build discipline in yourself. Without discipline, nothing can be achieved in this world.

What is discipline and how can you define it?


Just imagine, you are writing an article and you got stuck at a point. Not getting any idea how to troubleshoot it? and getting bored, and not in the mood of writing anymore.

Scheduled this post for today only. Now, your boredom will try to convince you not to write anymore. Here your discipline will do its task and it will motivate you to finish this article today itself.

This is discipline and it is not only limited writing an article, but for each and every action in your blogging. Whether it is keyword research, on-page SEO, creating backlinks, social media marketing, search engine marketing or any other aspect of blogging.

Discipline impacts your personal intent most. It is the most helpful quality in your mindset preparation. If you are not disciplined you will never be serious about your blogging journey.

Discipline always followed by ethics, so, our next quality to become a successful blogger is Ethics.



Very well said by Ralph Waldo Emerson. Ethics and integrity is an intrinsic property of one’s mind. No one can destroy it, and also no one can build it in other’s mind.

There are various options in blogging to test your ethics and integrity. No. one of them is copy writing and using someone else’s content as your own and post it on your blog.

Just imagine, you worked hard and wrote an awesome e-book and added it on your blog for sale. But one of your competitor purchased it from you and started reselling it in his name.

How would feel in this situation?

You will knock the door of courts and prove you copyright on the e-book. If you succeed you will get claims from you competitor, but what if you failed to prove your copyright.

It will definitely decrease the market value of the book. Although you won the case but you will lose a lot due to the decreased marketing value.

Ethics is an important quality in blogging, it will make you reliable in the industry. And you know the very old proverb, “karma is a Bitch”. Whatever you did unethically will return back to you in a comparatively larger amount.

So, Be ethical and do ethical.


Determination. What is determination? How can you define it?

Determination is a property that makes you stick to action plans never allows you to divert from that.

You all must some goal before starting your blog. If not, please quit blogging. Everyone has a goal, what he wants to serve with his blog.

Just follow your goals, nothing else. No one can stop you from being successful.

Focus on your niche, your idea and stick to it. It will surely make you successful someday.

A story of Monty Roberts and his dream of owning a horse ranch.

Disclosure: This story is taken from a website named

When Monty was a kid, his father being a horse trainer was always moving from stable to stable, ranch to ranch. Thus, the boy‘s school career was constantly interrupted.

One day, when he was a senior, the teacher asked him to write about what he wanted to be when he grew up. He did not hesitate a minute and wrote a seven-page paper about his aim to be an owner of a horse ranch. He wrote many details and drew a location of buildings and stables and even a detailed house plan.

Two days later he received his paper back with letter “F” on the front page. After class he came to the teacher and asked: “Why did I receive an F?”.

The teacher responded: “This dream is so unrealistic for a boy like you, who has no money, no resources, and who comes from an itinerant family.

There is no possibility that you will reach your great goals one day.” Then the teacher offered to rewrite the paper with a more realistic attitude.

The boy went home and asked his father, how he should act. The father answered: “This decision is very important for you. So you have to make your own mind on this”.

After several days the boy brought the same paper to his teacher. No changes were made. He said: “Keep the F and I will keep my dream.”

Now Monty Roberts owns a 4,000-square-foot house in the middle of 200-acre horse ranch and he still has that school paper, which now is framed over the fireplace.

Remember, you have to follow your heart, never give up, move on with determination and persistence,  and never let anyone take your dreams away.


Trust, yes, it is our required quality number 6 to become a successful blogger.

But here, whom am I telling you to trust on? stay reading you will get it sooner or letter.

Well, to get success in any field you need a mentor, a good mentor.

In the field of digital marketing or blogging you’ll find a lot of mentors to follow. Now, here is one question, whom you need to follow and trust?

Well, as per my experience and observation, almost all the digital marketers out there are telling the same thing. The only difference is, the approach they are following.

You can follow anyone, any mentor with good reputation but just stick to one and trust one till you get some success.

Following two mentors make you diverted and will conflict in yourself what to follow and what not?

You’ve decided to follow just one mentor, but which one? There are many.

On this, what I suggest, just make sure what business you are going to do with blogging and find a good mentor in that business.

That’s it, follow him and his trail and become successful. Keep trust on him and yourself too.

Laser Focus

We have talked about determination, discipline and consistency, how can we forget to mention the focus?

Everyone in the society says be a broad minded person. But I say, don’t be broad minded.

Be a narrow minded person, if you want to be successful.

By advocating to become a narrow minded person, I don’t advocate to become a cheap.

I just recommend this because narrower your mind better your focus will be.

Narrow mind means a laser focus. A laser focus means you are just watching on your goals nothing else.

More the focus on your goal, faster the chances of getting successful.

So, stay calm and with a laser focus just stick to your niche and never divert your mind.

What would happen if you divert your mind from your goal and niche? You must start working on some other project or some other goal.

I would seem like the same as a person sailing on two boats in a different direction. Is it possible for him to reach any destination?


We have discussed the most important qualities required to become a successful blogger. There are many others also, we will cover them when required in other posts.

Attaining these qualities will surely make you a successful blogger. This will take time, and you have patience to wait till that time. So, you must be successful.

Along with the patience, you have consistency. That means you are going to regularly update your blog in the waiting period.

Acquiring these qualities, you will become a person that everyone wants to work with. This is success in itself.

Once everyone starts working with you, your recognition will increase. That’s a success.

Everyone on the internet will start to talk about you, whether it is a hate or a favor. That’s a success.

So, read this article and try to acquire these qualities. Don’t forget to share this with your loved ones so that they also get benefited from these qualities.

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