10 Reasons Why Green Geeks is the best Hosting Provider for Beginners.

10 Reasons Why Why Green Geeks is the best Hosting Provider for Beginners.

Blogging is a way or method to share your thoughts, ideas, information on the web.

Blogging is the method. It is well enough. But how can you start a blog? it is the real question.

There are many platforms where you can blog. We will discuss the platforms on some other article later. Today we will discuss the best platform for blogging.

Well, which is the best platform for blogging?

Self hosted WordPress is the best platform for blogging. Why it is the best?

It is a different factor of discussion, but today I am giving a crisp comparison between the Self hosted WordPress blog and other blogging platform.

Self-Hosted WordPress

Following are the benefits of Self Hosted Blogging Platform-

  1. Your Blog is in your Control. You are paying your hosting provider for this service.
  2. SEO of the blog is comparatively easier.
  3. Blog design is easier and various options available.
  4. No or less coding is required.

Other Blogging Platforms

  1. The hosting provider is the controller of the blog. He might delete your blog without even informing you.
  2. SEO is complicated
  3. You need to know advance coding for better blog design.

Here is a must known thing, a self hosted WordPress blog needs a hosting provider that might cost you money. But this investment is very less in comparison of your earnings in the future.

It recommended to invest some real cash just to maintain the interest in your blogging career. If you can not afford a huge amount then there ways to start an efficient in comparatively lesser investment.

The biggest investment in starting a blog is hosting. A cheap host can kill your blog and a costly one you can’t afford as a beginner. It is always a challenge to choose the best hosting provider for beginners.

What if I tell you the most affordable, the most reliable and the most environment friendly, and best hosting provider for beginners. You heard it right, I am talking about the most environment friendly, and hosting provider for beginners.

Which hosting provider is it?

Well it is the GreenGeeks Hosting. It is the most affordable, most reliable and most environment friendly and best Hosting provider for Beginners.

Why am I claiming it?

Well, I have got 10 reasons to claim it. So, here are the 10 reasons why GreenGeeks is the Best Hosting Provider for Beginners?

Affordable Price

The biggest hurdle for a beginner in starting a blog is to invest. No one wants to invest a huge in the beginning. That is why GreenGeeks is providing their hosting at the most affordable price.

My dear friend let me clear it to you, it is the most affordable not the cheapest. Affordable means, you will get the best services at this rate.

The pricing of the Green Geeks Hosting has a variety in it. You can check it out for yourself.

Package Details GreenGeeks

The above image contains the various packages of Green Geeks Hosting you can also check it with the link associated.

What will it cost you in total?

The following info graphics contains the total payable amount for different packages.

Pricing GreenGeeks

The Most Affordable Hosting

Onboard the most affordable hosting that is greengeeks and start your blogging journey.

Free Domain

The second thing on which you would have to invest is the Domain for your website.

What is a domain?

A domain is the name of your website, like mine is bloggingsage.com. Domain is the identity of your website on the internet.

A .com domain costs around $10 to $15 during purchase. You can cut this cost by purchasing any of the annual plans of Green Geeks Hosting.

Yes! you read it right.

Green Geeks gives you a free domain for a year. You can use this money in some other activities related to your website.

Free SSL

A secure site is one of the most important factor for SEO of your website. To make your site secure, you need to install SSL on your website.

In this case you would be in dire need of getting an SSL certificate. You can get it for free from other websites too. But do you really trust on those free sites? Are they trustworthy?

Is your data safe and secure with them?

Just think on it. Don’t just believe everyone if they are giving something for free because you must know this there is no free lunch. You might have to pay by other means.

I would recommend you to go for some paid SSL service provider. Oh… wait

Green Geeks is giving you free SSL for your website. Not for just one, but for all the websites you are going to install on this account.

Secure your site with free SSL certificate provided by the best hosting provider for beginners that is Green Geeks.

Quick Installation

The next thing you require is a live website. This is what for which you are hustling around.

How would you feel if it takes time to launch your website or blog after purchasing the domain and Hosting?

This is the thing where nobody has patience, and I don’t think you should patient at point of time, after all you have paid for all this. then why you should be patient here? No need.

Here Quick installation and quick launch is required rather than the patience. Luckily, GreenGeeks, the best hosting provider for beginners helps you in it with their quick installation tool.

You can install you website within 5 minutes. So, Install your blog within 5 minutes with green-geeks.

Rapid Response Customer Service

Every up has a down, every positive has a negative and every high has a low. So do, with green geeks, you might face some lows, or some downs, or some negatives.

Don’t worry, they have a team working 27x7x365 just for you to help in your critical situation. You can chat with them, you can mail them, you can call them. whatever you want, they are eager to help.

They have a rapid response chat system where a human representative appears to help you within a minute. They won’t left until your issue is either resolved.

I did a random experiment just to check that how promptly their representative can respond. It is prompt, very prompt. They don’t wait for your first question, rather they present from the beginning.

As you are a beginner, I am damn sure you would do some mistake for which you would need support. The faster the support the better will be.

Free Email

You have installed your blog on word press. Now you must need to contact some other service providers or for back link services.

How can you contact them?

Through mail… Obviously you would contact them with a mail.

But what mail Id would you use for this purpose?

Your G mail ID or any other mail provider’s Id. It won’t look professional.

ID with your website domain will work well here.

How can you get an Id with your domain name?

Well, you can use G Suite. It is the best option. But it will charge you something. Are your ready to pay that charge? Being a beginner, your answer could be no, but you need a professional mail ID.

Don’t worry, Green geeks can kill your dilemma here. Well, green geeks provides you with unlimited email ids. So, make your and your team’s email ID with green geeks and start outreaching.

Unlimited Storage

All your data files are being stored in the storage of the hosting providers. For which you need a larrge size storage. Its your luck Green geeks provides a higher capacity of storage where you can add a large amount of data.

Its lite plan is coming with a storage of 50GB and other plans have an unlimited storage. So, store your unlimited data with the best host provider for beginner.

Extraordinary Uptime

The one thing we all expect from our host is continuous operation of our website. The uptime of your blog depends on the continuation your hosting provider’s server. And every server needs maintenance work.

Maintenance Shutdown is the time when a server closes. But in this situation, to make your blog alive, your data is transferred to a different server.

Green geeks has 3 such servers and distribute your data to each server. So, there is nothing to worry if they shutdown a server for maintenance.

Following are the hardware specification of their data servers

  • Latest Generation Energy efficient Intel Xeon processors
  • Minimum 128 GB DDR3 ECC-Registered Memory
  • Gigabit Connectivity
  • BGP4 Gigabit connectivity to multiple Fiber GigE Tier 1 Backbones
  • RAID-10 SSD Storage Arrays for maximum performance & redundancy
  • Solid State Drive (SSD)
  • No desktop hardware what so ever
  • Name brand server parts
  • Never oversold

Daily Free Backup

Shit happens. What if something wrong happened and you had to reinstall your blog. You might lose all your years work. It this situation, backups work as a savior.

Green Geeks the best hosting provider for beginners back your site on a daily basis. Which increases the security and decreases the fear of data loss.

Green Energy

Last but not the least, rather it is the reason I hosted my site on it. Hosting servers require a high performance systems that take a huge amount of energy from the power grid.

We all know that the power comes from alternators that is driven by an energy source that pollutes our environment. What if return back whatever the energy we consumed to grid. It is like we haven’t used any energy from the grid.

Green geeks do the same. They return the energy to the power grid.

How much energy do they return?

not 50%, not 100%, it 300% energy they return to the power grid in the form of renewable energy.

Just one step of yours can make our planet greener. After all, green geeks is the World’s number 1 Green Energy Web Hosting Provider that make it the best hosting provider for beginners.

Green geeks hosting platform has been designed with a maximum use, no waste of resources mindset. Every aspect of green geeks hosting platform is built to be as energy efficient as possible.

In addition to this, for every amperage they pull from the grid, they match 3 times that in the form of renewable energy via Bonneville Environmental Foundation and plant one tree for every hosting account provisioned.

You can feel good that you’re helping make a difference by hosting on a platform that is Eco-friendly.


The Internet is a huge polluter of the environment. Start hosting your website on the best hosting provider for beginners and make a positive impact on the environment.

If you have been given options to choose 1 from the 2 options as below

  1. Something heavily Polluting the environment.
  2. Something lightly polluting the environment.

I would choose option 2, Something that lightly pollute the environment. Choosing other options, you might get the faster website it it is damn sure that you are killing the life of the earth slowly.

Don’t make choosing greengeeks, the best hosting provider for beginners an option, rather make it mandatory.

Don’t Miss the Chance to Contribute to Environment

Host Your blog or Website with Green Geeks and contribute to the environment by planting a tree in your name. Use Green, Make Green and Be Green.

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