10 Must-Known Factors Before Choosing the Best Hosting Provider

10 strategies choosing the Best Hosting Provider

Hosting is the most crucial factor for your blog. So, choosing the best hosting provider becomes the most vital part of your blogging career.

You were planning to start a blog. So, you worked on your niche and selected what you liked.

You made up your mind to treat blogging as a business and planned to invest some hard-earned money.

Did research and found a very good domain name with a .com extension and purchased it.

Still, your blog is not live yet.

The reason is that your domain is still parked with your domain registrar.

What are you missing here?

Well, to make your blog live you need to put your data files on the internet.

How can you do this?

To make your blog live, you would need some space to put your data files on the internet. We find that space on the internet server. Keeping data files on the internet is called hosting.

For example, when you browse facebook.com, you actually download data files of that particular webpage on your browser.

So, hosting is a very important factor to start a blog. It plays an important role in the success of your blog.

If hosting is crucial then it becomes very important to select the most reliable, most suitable, and the most affordable best-hosting provider.

What actually the best hosting provider provides you?

Well, a hosting provider provides you a space on their web server with many specifications. Those specifications are must consider before choosing the best hosting provider.

What are those specifications?

Well, I’ve made a list of the most important factors to be considered before choosing the best hosting provider.

#1. Types of Hosting

types of hosting
Types of Hosting

Before going to discuss anything in types of hosting we must know what hosting is? What hosting providers actually provide?

Hosting is nothing but a server made on a computer. This is what a hosting provider provides. They make a server on a computer system and start renting out the space of that computer system. Just like you keep your friend’s data files on your hard drive.

Hosting providers provide the spaces in 3 categories as per your requirements.

  • Shared Server Hosting
  • Virtual Private Server Hosting
  • Dedicated Server Hosting

Shared Server Hosting

When a hosting provider gives you space shared with other websites too then this type of hosting is known as shared server hosting.

In this type of hosting there is only one physical system and only one operating system but the resources are shared with multiple websites.

This hosting is the cheapest among all the three categories mentioned above. It is best for beginners because it is the cheapest. Being a shared server, it is comparatively slow and vulnerable.

Virtual Private Server Hosting

Just like shared hosting, VPS hosting also shares multiple websites on a single physical system. But there is a difference in both and that is their operating system. There are separate virtual systems for each website.

Your hosting provider makes a separate virtual system for your website alone. This makes your website comparatively more secure and fast.

This type of hosting is costlier compare to shared hosting and cheaper than dedicated server hosting.

Dedicated Server Hosting

When your hosting provider provides you with a separate physical system then this kind of hosting is termed dedicated server hosting.

This kind of hosting is best for websites with a huge visitor base like amazon.com, facebook.com, etc.

Being a dedicated system server, this hosting is the costliest, fastest, and most secure hosting as well.

I hope you must have understood my point on choosing the best hosting provider.

#2. Types of Server

Types of Server
Types of Server

As I told this earlier, hosting is an internet server. If it is a server then it must have been made on some kind of operating system.

Your server system matters, before buying you must check whether it is on a windows server or Linux server.

Windows Hosting

Windows hosting is made on a windows server. Since we all know windows server is a brand group of Microsoft Technologies, it comparatively costly.

Windows hosting is good for dedicated servers where you wish to pay more for better accessibility.

Linux Hosting

This hosting is made on a Linux server. Linux is an open-source product that is why it is comparatively cheap.

Linux hosting is best for shared hosting and VPS hosting. It is more secure in comparison to windows server hosting.

#3. SSL Provision

SSL Provision

It is most important to check before choosing the best hosting provider whether it is providing SSL security or not. If it is providing then need a check for how many websites it is applicable to.

Well, before going any further, we must know what is SSL?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer): According to ssl.com, it is a protocol for establishing authenticated and encrypted links between networked computers. It is succeeded by TLS (Transport Layer Security).

The most common and well-known use of SSL/TLS is secure web browsing via the HTTPS protocol.

HTTPS is also a ranking factor in Google’s Ranking Algorithm. So, it is important to secure your website for SEO purposes. To get a secure connection, you have to install the SSL certificate. Mostly, your hosting provider provides the SSL, so, you must check whether they are providing it or not.

Ok, your hosting provider is providing the SSL certificate. Noticing this, you bought hosting for multiple websites, now you must check whether this SSL is for a single site or all the sites you are going to host with them.

If your hosting provider is not providing the SSL certificate then you will have to buy it from somewhere else and it will cost you some money. So, make sure you are getting the SSL certificate when choosing the best hosting provider.

#4. Disk Space

Disk Space

As we already have discussed that buying hosting means renting out digital space on a computer system. So, it matters how much space your hosting provider provides.

Let us check how much disk space is provided by the top hosting providers.

  • Siteground: It has 3 plans
    • StartUp: 10 GB.
    • GrowBig: 20 GB.
    • GoGeek: 40 GB.
  • WPX: It has 3 plans
    • Business: 10 GB.
    • Professional: 40 GB.
    • Elite: 40 GB.
  • WP Engine: Has 4 Plans
    • STARTUP: 10 GB
    • GROWTH: 20GB
    • SCALE: 50GB
    • CUSTOM: 100 GB – 1 TB.
  • HostGator: Has 4 Plans
    • Starter: 5GB
    • Performance: 20GB
    • Business: 40 GB
    • Professional: 40 GB
  • GreenGeeks: Has 3 Plans
    • Lite: Unlimited
    • Pro: Unlimited
    • Premium: Unlimited
  • A2 Hosting: Has 4 Plans
    • Startup: 100 GB
    • Drive: Unlimited
    • Turbo Boost: Unlimited
    • Turbo Max: Unlimited
  • Bluehost: Has 3 Plans
    • Basic: 50 GB
    • Plus: Unlimited
    • Choice Plus: Unlimited

There are many other hosting providers with a great amount of disk space. We shall talk about them some other day.

#5. Bandwidth


According to website.com

Bandwidth is the amount of data you are allowed to transfer to and from your web server per month. This includes all uploads and downloads, both HTTP and FTP. Bandwidth depends on your web page size, as well as the number of visitors to your website and the number of pages they visit.

Suppose you have a page size of 50 KB and have 10000 visitors each month. Every visitor visits 5 pages of your website. Taking these data, we will need 2500 MB of data bandwidth required for your website.

It’s an important factor in choosing the best hosting provider. For more details of details on bandwidth, you must check website.com.

#6. Control Panel


The Control panel is the interface where you do all your hosting-related tasks whether it is installing WordPress, adding a new domain, adding a new email, etc.

Though almost all the hosting providers provide with the control panel in short cPanel few are there who don’t. So, it is important for you to make a check on this whether your hosting provider providing it or not.

Why cPanel is so important?

Well, you are a beginner and you do not have much technical knowledge about website development then you must need a platform where you can do this all just by drag and drop method. cPanel provides you the same platform.

So, make sure you are getting the cPanel login for free with your hosting package.

#7. Data Backup

data backup

Just imagine, you did a lot of hard work and prepared a stunning website, and wrote fabulous articles that are ranking on top of SERP. But one day, unfortunately, your website got crashed.

Now, what will you do?

In this case, you will be ruined if you do not have any backup. So, before choosing the best hosting provider you must check if they are providing backups or not.

Hosting providers do their backups at regular intervals you should know the interval period. Is it daily, weekly, fortnightly, or monthly. The shorter the interval better it is.

#8. Flexibility


There must have flexibility in your hosting package.

What does this flexibility mean?

Well, flexibility in the context of upgrading or downgrading your hosting package.

Why am I talking about flexibility here?

While buying your hosting, you purchase a single site hosting. But now you are aiming to make another website but you do not have any webspace to host it. In this situation, your flexible hosting provider may help you with an upgraded plan of hosting.

You must ask your hosting provider about this before actually purchasing it. It’s simple, you may contact their customer support before taking it.

#9. Reliability


Reliability is the trust, the trust that the service you have occupied is a long-lasting service.

How can you find out whether a hosting service provider is reliable or not?

For this, you may check their uptime, I am sure you will find it to be 99.9%. So, it won’t make much effect on your selection.

The problem is still intact. What should you do now?

Ok, now check how many servers do they have? Are they using CDN?

Multiple servers mean they will put your data on each server which will make your site faster. In the case of server maintenance, they can switch your entire data on one server and your site will be alive during their maintenance hours too.

So, sneaking through their servers will give an exact idea of choosing the best hosting provider.

#10. Customer Support

customer support

Customer support is the backbone of any service. So do hosting providers also have the same service support.

You are doing regular works and someday you are stuck on a task and unable to get it done. You know that this problem is related to hosting. What will you do then?

Obviously, you will contact the customer support team of your service provider.

Ok, you will contact the customer support team but this is after the purchase of the service.

But, here your challenge is to find a hosting provider with the best customer support.

How can you do this?

It’s simple, try each top hosting provider. Oh! don’t take it wrong. I am not advising to buy all the service providers. Rather test their customer support team even before buying it.

Simply go to their website, and find a help center. Then check what type of communication channels are there.

Are there FAQs?

Do they have chat services?

Are they receiving calls?

Is there any option of sending an email?

After checking this, just test them all one by one. Just ask any questions related to their services and record their response.

Do check this with all the top hosting providers and record their responsiveness and find yourself how better is their customer support team is?

This will obviously assist you in choosing the best hosting provider.

Final Words

Well choosing the best hosting provider is not that tough that people think. You just need some analytical skills to analyze the best hosting provider.

The best hosting provider provides you free SSL certificates that give you a secured connection.

They provide a higher amount of disk space that equips you with hassle-free data storage. They have a wide range of bandwidth that enhances your visitor’s user experience.

Their rapid intermittent data backup keeps you tension-free with your data loss and website crash. Their multiple servers give you wings to fly uninterrupted.

Flexible packages of your provider provide you better sustainability. The best hosting provider has the best customer support team that backs you always in your days of trouble.

Well, I have not added the price of the hosting service because it is the thing every buyer thinks of first. It is totally dependent on your budget. So, I know you must do it as per your budget. That is why I have not added a price here.

Hope you must have liked this post, share it with others, and help them in choosing the best hosting provider.

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