7 Negative Qualities to Cut down for a blogger to become successful.

To Cut down for a blogger to become successful.

Blogging mindset, the most essential need for a blogger to get success in the blogging business. Here are 7 Negative qualities to cut down for a blogger.

It is well known that everything in your life is controlled by your mind and the setups made in your mind.

Here, setups are your thinking and your way of using your mind.

Like all the other businesses, blogging too is a business, but more competitive than the physical shop.

As mentioned, competition is higher, then it is not easy to get success in blogging. To get the success you must need to sacrifice something to get the success.

If you are a Hindi vernacular Indian then you must know the proverb, “Kuchh Paane ke liye Kuchh khona Padta hai.” The same proverb in English will be like, “To get Something you have to lose something.”

What you must lose here?

Here, you must lose…

These are the 7 negative qualities you must lose to get a successful blogging mindset.

Here is a question, how does losing these attributes make a successful blogger?

Well, fine enough. I will explain each attribute to justify my point here. Then you yourself decide, whether am I right or not?

#1. Ignorance

Ignorance is a state of mind which allows you to choose an easy task over a hard one without even thinking about the importance.

Why am I advocating to lose ignorance?

Well, you must be a fool to ask this question. As I mentioned in the first line of this pointer, ignorance is a state of mind that allows you to choose a task of your will without even thinking.

You chose many suggestions from your mentor but follows none. Then there must be two things, either you are ignoring your mentor, or you have chosen the wrong mentor.

Ignorance can be of two types-

  1. Positive Ignorance- When someone is ignoring something which is not good for his work or for him. It required to have this ignorance like you are ignoring a person who is demotivating you. FYI, here I am not talking about this ignorance in this article
  2. Negative Ignorance- When someone is ignoring something very important for him or his work. This one is very harmful to you and your career. This ignorance needs to be cut down. for example, you are ignoring your clients call, some serious illness, or your relationship toxicities.

Then consider my advice and lose your ignorance at first, negative ignorance more specifically.

Every situation demands hard work at its own level, but the mindset of an ignorant person ignores it and chooses the easiest task.

Laziness and ignorance are two different instincts of the same person. First, forbid you to act while the latter makes you ignore the important actions. Never merge laziness with ignorance. An ignorant person works while a lazy one does not.

Ignorant Halku

Let me tell you an incident from the story “Poos Ki Raat” written by incredibly famous Hindi writer Munshi Premchand.

This is the story of Halku, an extremely poor farmer. On a chilling cold night, he was guarding his wheat crop in the fields.

He started the bonfire and enjoying the warmth of the fire with his dog.

In the late night when the fire turned off, he cleaned the ground of the bonfire and lied there and slept.

As time passes, it was getting colder & colder and Halku has no other option to embrace the place of the bonfire. Suddenly he heard some activity in his field but due to cold, he did not care and ignored it.

In the morning when his wife pushed him, he woke up and found that someone has stolen all his crops. It was a very devastating moment for Halku and his wife as their finances were worst.

From this story, you must think that Halku was a lazy man.

FYI, he was not lazy. He worked on that field; he nurtured the crop. A lazy person can never do this. Instead, he was an ignorant man who ignored leaving the warmth of the fire and the ground after that.

His laziness did not waste his crop rather his ignorance.

So, my friend, ignorance can destroy you. Think twice, thrice, rather multiple times before ignoring something important.

How Ignorance affect Blogging Mindset

Well, Blogging is a set of many activities.

You will find many different persons with different ideas. Now you must decide what to choose and what to ignore.

You should ignore talks like, blogging is not as effective as digital marketing gurus tell.

It is recommended to ignore people telling you, “You cannot do this.”

You will easily find persons saying everything on the internet is fake.

Ignore talks like this and shine yourself and your blogging career.

#2. Comfort

Success is beyond your comfort zone.

If you are craving food, you have to move out of your cave. It is the only way you will get your food unless you have collected them earlier by moving out.

Starting a blog is easy, but getting success, no, never.

Getting success in blogging is hard, it needs a specific blogging mindset. You could never ever gain a specific blogging mindset without losing your comfort.

Your comfort is the biggest hurdle between you and your successful blogging career.

It is the barrier you should break to gear up for your journey to a successful blogging career.

What would happen if Mark Zuckerberg has never broken out of his comfort zone?

You would never have found Facebook the way it is today.

What would happen if Elon Musk has stopped after selling PayPal receiving $165 Million?

You would never have listened to Tesla Motors, SpaceX, and Hyperloop.

It is definite that you must move out of your comfort zone to get success.

Blogging may take you through many sleepless nights, taunts from your friends, etc.

Just imagine, you are about to sleep and you thought an exceptionally good content idea. Think about it for a moment more and start writing it without wasting any time, at least its outline.

If you ignored the idea that time, I am sure you are not going to get the same idea in the morning.

Your mind works in a very strange manner, you always must be ready for your blogging, which may generate ideas anytime.

#3. Distraction

From your childhood, you must have listened to this line, “time is your most valuable asset”. But in a webinar, Mr. Siddharth Rajshekhar (Best Digital Coach in India) said that Time is not your most valuable asset, it is your focus.

Focus can only be obtained by eliminating distractions.

How do distractions affect you?

You are very sure about your blogging career. You are going to start blogging and become a successful blogger. You did your research and chose a niche for you.

Suddenly, one day someone came on a video and told you about dropshipping. You found this business very lucrative, and you changed your mind.

Started research on dropshipping. Did it for 15 days until someone came and told you about digital coaching.

Now you found digital coaching a less costly and more profitable business. You started research on it, prepared your 1st course. It has hardly been 1 month and you haven’t sold a single course.

You were very tensed and browsing the internet, suddenly found someone giving a lecture on blogging.

Now you shifted your gear to reverse and move back to blogging again.

Did you think, you have wasted almost 2 months in switching?

What have you got? Nothing, literally nothing.

If you had focused on your first business i.e. blogging, you would have gained some level up in 2 months of the span.

What wasted your time?

Distraction. It is a distraction that wasted your time.

You were fascinated with each new business opportunity you got to see. This nature wasted your precious two months.

Sometimes, newbie bloggers switch their niche on a daily basis they are not sure about any niche. This activity will never make you a successful blogger and will only waste your time.

So, choose any niche, business, stick to that and be patient, success will be yours.

#4. Uncertainty

Uncertainty is a disaster.

Yes, it is really a disaster, it can break a hardbound system.

Just imagine, why a natural disaster destroys a lot. They are uncertain. Nobody knows about their arrival.

What if we come to know the exact timing of disaster? We can easily minimize the disruption.

Not only natural disasters, but uncertain success also does not last for long.

You cannot handle the success that came eventually, and you are not aware about it. This will lead you to mistakes and other negative instincts and finally decay in your character.

A hard-earned success always stays long.

In blogging, you can never become successful eventually. You must plan every bit and piece of your life. This is the best way to control your mind.

There is only two way of life, either live or survive.

When you are the master of your mind and actions, you are living the life. When your mind and your actions are controlling you, you are not living your life, you are just surviving.

Now, it is dependent on you to plan every bit and piece of your blogging career to get success or let it be on God’s grace and survive in blogging.

#5. Doubt in You

Nothing can destroy an iron but it’s rust.
Here, in this statement, iron is you and the rust is your doubt.

Everyone on the earth-born as a genius until he is told to be a duffer.

You are not a duffer; you are a genius. You only need to find your instinct in which you are a genius.

From the day you were born, you started getting instructions, Son, don’t do this, you could get hurt; don’t do that you will hurt yourself. Don’t walk, you will fall; don’t sit, you will get bored.

You are getting filled with negative statements since your childhood. These negative statements convert into doubt which affects you in your life later.

In everything which you start, you always think about the negative portion only. Never ever thought about positivity.

The very first thing before starting anything is, conquer your doubts.

You must know the story of David and the Goliath. Don’t know, no worry. Let me tell you.

David and Goliath

It is a story taken from religious texts of Islam, Christianity, and Jewish culture.

It is the story of Prophet David (PBUH) and the giant Goliath.

A battle between the Army of King Saul, the king of Israel, and Philistine was going on. All the brothers of David were fighting for their country that is Israel. David was too young to participate in a battle.

Both the armies were aligned on the posts and made their frontline. Then a nine feet tall giant named Goliath came out of the Philistinian army and challenged all the soldiers and generals of the Israelite army.

No one from the Israelite army has the courage to face the giant.

The giant and the Philistinian army started mockery of King Saul and the Israel Army. This mockery lasted for 40 days.

One day, the father of David, Jesse sends him to the battlefield to take some news of the battle and his brothers.

David came to the battlefield and saw the situation. He then moved to King Saul and told him that he will fight the giant.

King Saul expressed his thought to David and told, “David, you are too young to fight. And he is too big to defeat.”

Then David said to the king, “Yes, he is too big and slow also. This is our advantage. He has spear and sword, so to strike on me, he must come near me. I have a slingshot and can swing it from a farther distance too. He is too big to miss.”

David announced the acceptance of the challenge and put his slingshot out and gave the Goliath a hit on his forehead. Goliath fell and David Came near him took his sword and behead him.

Watching this the Philistinian got threatened and fell back.

Now, tell me, was David strong enough to kill Goliath?

No, not at all. But he has faith in his God and himself that he can defeat Goliath. Everyone was looking at Goliath’s strong side but David found the weaker part.

If David can defeat Goliath you also can defeat any obstacle. You only need faith without doubt.

Kill your doubts and become successful.

#6. Fear of Failure

A massive success needs a massive failure.

Go and ask any pro blogger one question, that is, have you ever got failed in blogging?

Most of them must say, “Yes.”

Failure is the foundation stone of success. You will never find a successful man without failure.

Why you are afraid of failure? It is natural. You are not going to win every time, sometimes you will lose.

Do not get depressed with a failure. Take it as a learning.

Why are you overthinking about failure in blogging? What will happen if you get fail?

Nothing. Take one thing in mind, your investment on blogging is not going to waste if you fail. Rather use your failure as your strength and tell your readers about it.

I am sure, you are not alone facing this failure; you shall find a specific group of people who is like-minded.

So, from next time, whenever you got a taste of failure, mark it, and save it for the future. Sometimes failures get the trend.

#7. Stubbornness

You must be thinking, why am I adding this? Is it really relative?

Yes, it is.

Telling you very honestly, I did not get any word for someone who denies himself to upgrade. That is why I used stubbornness.

Stubbornness is a state of mind when someone sticks to an attitude or position or anything related to a person.

Here, I am using it for someone who is not willing to upgrade himself and stick to his last level for always.

My dear friend let me tell you very clearly, the world is changing rapidly. If you don’t catch the pace, my dear friend, you will be left far behind.

Let me tell you an amazing anecdote, one day, I was riding my bike. I have a habit of riding a bike at a constant speed. So, I accelerated the bike to my usual pace and hold it there.

I do not know what the speed was because the speedometer got busted last month.

One of my friends has to go to the same destination but he left 20 minutes later. By this time, I almost traveled 8 Kms. Now, he was 8 km behind me, within a few minutes he was with me. And after a minute he crossed me and rode almost 1 km ahead.

Despite the 8 km of lead, I was overtaken by him and he was leading. Do you know why?

I stuck to my stubborn attitude and riding at a constant speed. He was continuously accelerating that is why he overtook me.

A similar thing happens to a blogger. If you stick to your old methods and customs of blogging, you will be overtaken by someone who is continuously upgrading himself and his blogging methods.

So, my dear friends, never stick to your old customs and methods of blogging. Upgrade yourself and stay updated with the latest trends. This is the only way to survive in the blogging industry.

I hope you must have got my point

Final Words

So, my friend, it is never too late to change your lifestyle and your attitude.

Minus those negative qualities from your life and add success and happiness.

I know, it is not easy to change it overnight. It takes time to change. If you feel tough in changing the lifestyle, don’t go rapidly, achieve it slowly but continuously.

The above are the attitudes of every human being, someone has lesser, someone has higher. You can observe persons near you find the level of these negativities. and learn from them.

Please do comment your suggestion on these negative qualities. Do you have any other ideas on qualities to be cut down to become successful? Please mention it in the comment.

This article is entirely written to attain the purpose of spreading some knowledge. I hope you must have found some lesson and knowledge in this article.

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