8 Things You Must Know Before Starting a Successful Blog

8 Things You Must Know Before Starting a Successful Blog

Do you know? there are many proven things that you must know before starting a successful blog. Do you really know all of them. Okay, today is your test, whether you know those things or not.

Hey Fella! How are you doing nowadays? Doing research and planning to start a blog? But before starting anything there are always few must-know chunks.

Similarly, in the field of blogging, there are many things that you must know before starting a successful blog.

So, today we are going to discuss the things which every newbie blogger must know before starting a successful blog.

Let me clear you one thing my friend, here I am not going to tell you about the technicalities but the mindset.

Before going any further, I am gonna tell you what is a blog?

What is a Blog?

Have you ever think, how do we know history? We know history from many sources. One of them is the scripts.

What are those scripts? Those scripts were actually some records, daily activity memos, war stories, etc.

What if they had never been written? What if none has the knowledge of any type of writing whether it is pictograph (glyph writing) or the normal nowadays style?

If both the points were correct then we had missed a huge amount of knowledge of history.

All those scripts and writings were a log of that contemporary time. They were using these logs to teach the new generation, to make calculations of their spending, to describe an event or activity.

Now, these scripting and writings have been upgraded and moved to a soft form. Yes, I am talking about writings on websites.

Writing your logs on a web page is known as a weblog. Which, for ease, has changed to Blog.

So, a Blog is writing your thoughts, knowledge, ideas, and activities on the internet.

A blog (shortening of “weblog”) is an online journal or informational website displaying information in the reverse chronological order, with the latest posts appearing first. It is a platform where a writer or even a group of writers share their views on an individual subject.


As per the information above, we, on a blog, share information, thoughts, lifestyle many more such things. There are a few things that everyone one must know before starting a successful blog.

Now without wasting any time let’s start with those must-known factors.

Write what you know best

This one is the most confusing factor for a newbie blogger.

A newbie blogger is always confused, what he should write and what not? If you are a newbie blogger, you must have encountered this situation.

Selecting a niche is the most difficult but important task. There are two considerable factors before selecting a niche. Mentioned below

  • Your knowledge about the niche
  • Trends of that niche on the internet

Your Knowledge about the Niche

Your knowledge about the niche is the most important factor not only for choosing a niche but to make your blog successful. If you have the knowledge you could write a lot on your blog.

You must have heard the famous quote “Content is the King”. Yes, it is absolutely right that the content is always the king. In the era of blogging, content is the only thing that a reader considers most.

So, you only write original when you have your own ideas about the topic. If you have ideas, you will have the solutions to the problem of your readers. These solutions make good content.

All these will happen only and only when you have the knowledge of that niche. Here having knowledge doesn’t mean you must have deep knowledge.

You must have as much knowledge you can easily write at least 50 articles around that topic or niche. After writing 50 articles, you’ll get the idea of how to find more.

Do people search your topic on the Internet?

These factors matter but not as the above one. Your niche should be searched on the internet.

There must have a few folks to search for your topic. If no one is searching your topic then who is going to read it. So before selecting your niche please ensure to check its trends.

You could use google trends for this purpose. Google trend is a free tool to get the trends of a topic. If the trends of your selected topic are going upward and having a percentage of at least 75. Then select that niche.

This is totally optional. If you have better knowledge you can generate your own trend.

Build Visitors First

Build Visitors first, what does this mean. It means always focus to build your visitor, your subscriber, and your reader in your starting days of blogging.

Focusing on visitors will help you to better reach. More visitors, higher traffic. Higher traffic will lift you to the folk.

Never focus on making money at the very start. Here your patience will work. Be patient and move higher. Once you started focusing on making money, you will lose your focus on increasing your fan base.

That’s why I always recommend you to focus on writing good content, interacting with your readers, solving their queries. This activity will make them loyal readers.

For building a large fan base you can make your own project and your own target.

I have seen many bloggers go for starting google Adsense on their blog after writing 15 to 20 articles. They are only focusing on money-making and eventually, they fail. For your information, I was one of them.

I experienced the same that’s why I am sharing this. Always go for a good visitor base in starting days rather than running behind the money.

Be focused and Stick to your Niche

Focus is the key to success. This works in every field. Focus is the only factor that makes you stick to work and achieve your target.

A Story from Mahabharata

There is a story from the Hindu scripture Mahabharat and it is as follows

This was the time of learning of the Kauravas and the Pandavas. One fine day, their master, Guru Dronacharya organized a test.

I that test, he tied a wooden bird to a tree. All the princes have to shoot the eye of that bird with an arrow. Then he commanded Yudhistir to take his bow and arrow and aim it on the eye of the bird.

Then asked Yudhistir,” What can you see?” then Yudhistir replied, “Gurudev, I can see the entire tree, the other bird on tree, and the colony of ants at the bottom of the tree.” Then, guru Drona asked him to leave and called Duryodhana.

Asked Duryodhana the same question he asked Yudhistir. Duryodhana replied, ” Gurudev, I can see the bird and the branch it is tied with. Then Guru Drona asked Duryodhana to leave and called Bhima.

Asked the same question then Bhima replied, ” Gurudev, I can see the fruits hanging on the tree.” again Guru Drona asked him to leave and called Arjuna.

Asked the same question, Arjuna replied, ” Gurudev, I only can see the eye of the bird.” Then Guru Drona asked him to shoot the arrow. Arjuna shot the arrow which passed through the eye of the bird.

What is the moral of the story? The moral is very easy. If you are planning to do anything just focus on that and do not get distracted.

Never Put your feet on two boats

If you are an Indian you must know this old proverb, “Do Naaw ki sawari karna”. This means, if you want to get succeed, never focus on two things at a time. Else you will be ruined.

Similar things applied to the blog also. If you are a newbie blogger then you must focus on only one topic. Never focus on the second until you get some success in the first one.

There are many newbie bloggers, who are confused with a topic. They are clearly unable to stick to one topic.

They change their topic every week or they choose a wide range of niches which is almost impossible to cover at the start.

So, I always recommend you to stay focused on your topic. Never go for the other.

Make A Schedule of Your Posting and stick to it

This one is the most important factor. This directly affects the interaction with your readers.

I am not going to say anyone else’s name, rather I would tell you about myself only. I bought my first domain, physicseverywhere.com 2 years back where I write articles about science.

It’s been more than 2 years. But, do you know, how many articles have I written there. Only 25.

Till now, I should have written more than 200 articles there. And this is the only reason why I failed. But I am still writing that. It’s quite good if you are a science scholar do a visit. You’ll get nice content there.

I am not alone, there are many other bloggers who write in a very irregular manner. Sometimes they write multiple articles in a day.

Sometimes they miss it for months. In my case, I haven’t written for around 1 year and 10 months.

So, if you want success, schedule your posting timing. Always follow your schedule. If you do not follow your own schedule, it will take years to get succeed.

Control your life by making a proper plan. Live life according to your plan. By scheduling your time you may control your life. If there is no schedule your Life is Controlling you.

Be Honest in Your Writing

When I was a kid my teacher told me this slogan, “Honesty is the Best Policy”. And this policy applies everywhere. It does not matter who you are and what you do?

If we talk about honesty in blogging, there are many factors that could do forgery. For example, Copying someone else’s article and writing it on your blog, using copyrighted images.

Google itself forbade copying content from other sources rather you could read that article and rephrase it with your case studies.

I recommend you always write your own content. That is why before starting a blog it is important to choose a niche of your choice. So that you could write your own content.

Ready to Get Failed

A massive success needs a massive failure.

My dear friend, if you are planning to start a blog and thinking only about success, then you are at fault, my dear friend. Blogging is not easy money. It takes time and you shall fail multiple times.

Failing never divert your way from success. Rather, it is the stepping stone to success.

Blogging is not a single process, rather it is a group of many complicated processes.

Every process needs special attention. I am sure you can’t master all the processes, at least not in the beginning.

You may get success in a particular process but there are also chances of getting failed in some. This cycle of success and failure will be to keep going and going.

What should you do when you fail?

I have met many a person who gets depressed when fails. But, do you know, failure is the best motivation and the teacher?

Every failure ends with a lesson. It is up to you whether you are noting the lessons or ignoring it. If you have noted it then you may use it in the future to show how you get success after so many failures.

Failures make sharpen the same way as a sharpening stone makes a knife sharp.

So, my dear friend, from the next time, whenever you taste failure, use it as a lesson and then let this know everyone.

Always Be Ready to Learn New Things

Everything is changing rapidly. You must have to get the pace of the change, else you will never compete in the field of blogging.

Technologies are upgrading very fast.

What do you need to do?

You need to learn them at their pace, not yours.

To keep learning, just make a rule to learn at least 1% extra every day. Applying this rule, you will be 365% more knowledgeable after the end of the year.

Final Words

My dear friends, I hope you must have got my points on writing this article.

If you have any other important things that a blogger must know, I will appreciate your contribution.

Give your feedback and suggestions about the article.

Irfan Khan

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